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GIS Mapping


Hands On Experience in Digitizing Topomap, Geological, Magnetic Contour, City Maps, Raster to Vector Conversion..............

Remote Sensing


Addressing the needs on all verticals like Agriculture, Mining and Exploration, Urban development, Water, Forestry.... 

Well Logs & Seismic - SEGY


Digitizing Legacy Data of Well Logs and Seismic Images to ASCII, DXF, LAS, & SEG Y 

Parcel Mapping


Digitizing Parcel data from Legacy Data with Township and Range information, Georeferenced and Attributed Parcel ID with Joined Non-spatial GeoDatabase

Engineering & Lidar


Specialized in scanning and converting Drafting Engineering drawings, maps, and other large format documents into digital files 

Satellite Derived Products


 Deriving Land satellite Temperature using Thermal Infrared, The Land Surface Temperature (LST) is the radiactive skin temperature of ground 

Derived Products, Minerals & Ground Water

Magnetic Contour Mapping


Having tremendous experience Digitizing Magnetic Contour maps and compile and creating seamless data for the Global level dataset..

Well Log & LithoLogs


Digitized nearly 2000 Well logs with Gama, Caliper Ray, Bulk Density into ASCII, DXF and SEGY formats..

Seabed Classification


Seabed classification is one route to characterizing the seabed and its habitats. makes the link between the classified regions and the seabed physical, geological, chemical or biological properties 

Mineral Mapping


Satellite image products and services that may incorporate specialized processing procedures for mineral mapping and geological interpretation, Forestry, LandUse, Coastal Resources.. Contact us...

Satellite Derived Ground Water


We are proud to announce that we could derived satellite derived Ground water resources using Geophysical and Geological Interpretation services using Remote Sensing Technology



 Lidar point can have a classification assigned to it that defines the type of object that has reflected the laser pulse. Lidar points can be classified into a number of categories including bare earth or ground, top of canopy, and water 

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Technical Experience

Having a 27 years of CAD, GIS and Remote Sensing experience served all the verticals like Mining/Exploration, Architectural, Parcel Mapping, Geological, LIdar and Photogrammetry Platform... ........

High ROI

GIS Map Digitization, Geo-referencing

Utility Mapping, Contour Mapping

Topographic/Cartographic Mapping

Parcel /Cadastral Mapping

Planimetric Mapping, Geological & Mining

GIS/CAD Data Conversion.......................

Quality and Timely Delivery

 Ingenious Bran has highest success rate in delivering Quality and Timely Delivery.........

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